Name: Tidus Name: Yuna
Age:17 Age:17
Role: Main Character Role: Summoner
   Sex: Male Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue Eyes: Blue/Green
Birthplace: Zanarkand    Birthplace: Bevelle
Weapon: Sword Weapon: Staff
Sport: Blitzball Height: 5'3"
Height: 5'9"
One of the main characters  in the game is Tidus who is a vibrant and energetic youth. He lives in the futuristic city of Zanarkand when the city gets attacked by Sin. He then wakes up in the country of Spira, a thousand years later. Yuna has a quest to eliminate Sin and Tidus chose to follow her, so he becomes her bodyguard. He is also hoping that when he faces what thing that brought him there he might get back to his home. He is a star Blitzball player and its a game that is played inside a watery bubble. The summoner Yuna is gentle but strong and she is the daughter of a great summoner. She has completed strenous psychical and mental training on an island called Besaid. She has started to walk the path of her father and is trying to become a great summoner. She is out on a pilgrimage over the lands of Spira and her task is to collect Aeons and gather strength. At final her task is to be strong enough to perform the Final Summoning to defeat Sin and thus, bring peace to the people of Spira.