"Listen to my story. This...may be our last chance."

Spira is a world of advanced technology and many cities dwell upon this planet and they are marked with tall buildings and glorious beauty. But even then all in this great world arent as good as it looks, an evil force with the name of Sin is constantly making the lives of the people on Spira a living hell. It is destroying all the cities and all the technology that thrives upon the lands of Spira. The people have sunken deep into a fear greater than most and they have lost most of their wonderful technology during a thousand years.

You now may wonder what this Sin is. It is a powerful force that takes on many of the various natural disasteres like hurricanes and earthquakes. Everyone who dare to stand against Sin are overcame by strange dreams.

Tidus is a very cheerful and famous Blitzball player. His hometown, the city of Zanarkand is attacked by Sin and when Tidus wakes up the city is destroyed and time has taken a huge step in front of him, a step of a thousand years. He meets Yuna, a young female Summoner. She is the daughter of one of the masters in summoning and she cant bear the fact that she has to live in his wake. Tidus and Yuna join hands and are later joined by others to commit the final battle and thus finish Sin off, once and for all.

"I will defeat Sin.......I must."

By: Fredrik Warfvinge, Millan.nu