Name: Chiba Mamoru
Means: Protector of Earth
Astrological sign: Leo
Japanese Identities: Chiba Mamoru, Tuxedo Kamen,
Prince Endymion, Tsukikage no Knight, Neo-King Endymion
: August 3, 1975   
: 20
Blood Type
: A
Birth Stone
: Peridot
: Making fun of Usagi
Dislikes: When Usagi is in troulbe
Hobbies: Reading, study, be with Usagi
Favorite food: Chocolate
Least favorite food: none
Favorite color: Black
Favorite animal: Horse
Favorite subject: Physics
Worst subject: none
Has trouble with: needles
Strong Points: insulting Usagi
Special Strengths: Loving
Dream: To love Serena and gain all the knowledge he can
School: Azabu Institute of technology
Kanji (planet or element) used: Earth
Misson: To protect the Princess and fight the forces of evil
Girlfriend: Usagi
Name: Usagi Tsukino
: Rabbit of the Moon
Astrological sign: Cancer
Japanese Identities: Usagi, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity
Birthday: June 30, 1979
Age: 16
Blood Type: O-
Birth Stone: Pearl
Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Rei's Mouth
Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Daydreaming
Favorite food: Peanut butter and Jelly, IceCream and Cake
Least favorite food: Carrots
Favorite color: Pink and White
Favorite animal: Rabbit
Favorite subject: Home Economics and music
Worst subject: Math and English
Has trouble with: dentists, ghosts, pop quizzes
Strong Points: Brown Nosing, Crying, Loyal
Special Strengths: Love and Loyalty
Dream: To be a bride
School: Crossroads Junior High
Kanji (planet or element) used: Moon
Misson: To be the Moon Princess and protect her friends
Boyfriend: Mamoru