2001.zip Siren try take crystal* size 922kb
2002.zip SM got tickets from fish* size 2038kb
2003.zip Galaxia kill Siren, Cat appear* size 2350kb
2004.zip Cat shot at Smoon* size 940kb
2005.zip Plut and Sat saves scouts* size 1297kb
2006.zip Outer diceds to stop Galaxia* size 2146kb
2007.zip                              Galaxia kills inner senshis* size 1439kb 
2007_5.zip                           Dying senshis tell stars to protect SM* size 2203kb
2008.zip                              Inner sheshi disapear SM scream* size 3962kb
2009.zip Tux fight Galaxia and dies* size 3060kb
20010.zip Uran amd Nept attack Galaxia* size 1369kb
20011.zip Galaxia attack Outer senshis* size 497kb
20012.zip Uran & Nep fight aginst Plu & Sat* size 1066kb
20013.zip SM arrives and see dying Plut & Sat* size 1112kb
20014.zip Uran fight aginst stars* size 848kb
20015.zip Uran Nep break the spell attack Galaxia* size 3496kb
20016.zip Galaxia cut SMs weapon in two pices* size 3073kb 
20017.zip Galaxia kills SM, Stars screams* size 2478kb
20018.zip Galaxia give up her star sead* size 3077kb
20019.zip ChibChibi cryes and saves SM* size 1480kb 
20020.zip Mamorou and ChibChibi appears * size 1622kb 
20021.zip SM become a naked angel* size 927kb
20022.zip SM frees Galaxia from chaos* size 944kb
20023.zip Scouts says goodbay to Stars* size 574kb
20024.zip ChibChibi save princess fireball* size 1368kb
20025.zip Sailor Cat disturbs Galaxia* size 765kb
20026.zip Galaxia kills Uran & Nep* size 2078kb
20027.zip Dying Uran speaks to starfighter* size 1939kb
20028.zip  Uran and Nep says goodbay and dies* size 3337kb
20029.zip Nearly the whole Ep.200* size 42 619kb