Here you can apply for an award!
The maximum of award is two, so donīt apply for some more.
You most fill out the whole form to win an award.
If we think the category youīve chosen doesnīt fit, we will
choose an other. So itīs not sure you got the one you applied for.
If I think your site is good but not really finished youīll get a
great start award and of course if itīs worthy it^.^


Excellence - Very Hard
Perfect layout, Fantastic content,
Much to do, Great navigation, Good grama ect.

Multimedia - Medium/Hard
Requirement: You need to have a multimedia
page. At least 10 movies and some midis.

 Best Picture Gallery -Medium
Requirement: You need to have at least 50 pics.
And tubnails.

Beauty - Medium
Requirement: You just need a nice layout. 
And it has to be made by yourself.

Love - Easy
Requirement: You need a site about an anime-couple.

Kawaii - Easy
Requirement: Just a totally kawaii(cute) site

Great site - Easy
Requirement: A site about Sailor Moon
With all usually stuff.

Cosmic site - Medium
Not just an another SM-site, itīs gotta have
some unusually stuff, this is the higher level from Great SM site.

Senshi - Medium
Requirement: Info about all inner- or outerscouts.
Or all of them. Some pics and gotta 
have a kinda good layout.

Special - Medium/Hard.
Requirement: This Award can change. 
These awards will the one got that doesnīt fit in somewhere else.


Those Who Won

Rules: * NO HENTAI!!!!
          * Your site doesnīt need to be about Sailor Moon.
          * Max two awards
          * Link us after you got an award.
          * Fill out the whole form
          * No under construction sites