“No matter how far one walks, the same roads still continue on.”

Desolation... An accurate description of the world today. 
To think that people used to live in splendour and luxury in these parts seems almost unbelievable… but that was a long time ago - the war changed that. It’s a pretty bleak life today, and many wish for something better. They wish for a paradise.
There’s an old legend that says that when the end of the world is near, the wolves will travel to paradise, to escape the doom of this earth. The only problem is that wolves have been extinct for over 200 years, so there are no more of them to lead the way. 
At least that’s what we think…

What if wolves are more than just animals? Suppose they could take on a human form and walk unnoticed among ordinary people going about their lives. Suppose these wolves are searching for a way into paradise, guided by the scent of the mythical Flower Daughter. And suppose that scientists in a laboratory have this Flower Daughter in their possession, trying to unlock her secrets themselves…

But this is all just a myth, of course. Even if there were some wolves left, they would never be able to find a way to paradise.
Would they…?

Written by André Frost Isla

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